Vivekanand medical foundation & Research Centre, Latur (MH) India

Tsunami Relief for Victims in Tamil Nadu, India

Vivekanand through its associates is providing immediate relief in many of the worst affected areas of Tamil Nadu, distributing survival packs of food, bottled water, medicine, sleeping mats, clothing, and household items to hundreds of people in the wake of massive tsunamis that swept the coasts of India & 10 other countries on Dec. 26. Our Mobile Medical Clinic is already in Tamil Nadu providing medical care to survivors. We are working closely with the local NGO's and our long term US based NGO's Operation USA.  We are supporting with our experience in rehabilitating Latur and Gujarath Earthquake Working in close cooperation, we are aiding the poorest and most vulnerable of coastal India's tsunami-affected population.

In initial 4/6 weeks our emergency team members were on the ground working on a lifesaving response.

 Our initial operations are:

 Cycles provided to Tsunami Victims:

How you can help ?

Vivekanand has now taken up a specific project of financial and psychological rehabilitation of  Karikattukuppam. as a long term project. Currently, we have sufficient supplies of food & medical aid & the best way to provide assistance would be by donating cash, so that we can felicitate the help. The total project we are handling is estimated at 2,75,000 USD.and we have already received 75%  of the required funds.

Cash donations are the fastest way to provide aid to those in need. We have made arrangements for Survival Kits from local agencies & each kit provides things like blankets, tarps for temporary shelter, water purification tablets and cooking supplies. We will also provide other critically needed relief response, such as food or medicine, where needs arise. For a substantial willing donor we can always take additional project and execute on their behalf.

You can send your help to :

Vivekanand medical foundation and Research Centre, designated FCRA (Foreign contribution Regulation Act) Account No. 17356 with Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. Chain Sukh Road, Latur Branch, Maharashtra State, India Swift code No. SBININBB359 under intimation to Mr. Rajendra Tapadia phone : +91 9822029009 Fax +91- 20-27111700 email

Donations are exempted 50% under sec.80G.

Thank you for your generosity in helping the victims of this tragedy!